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Install mPDF Library

If you want to send PDF invoice to your customers, you need to install mPDF library, this library helps you generate PDF gift card from its HTML version.

You can download mPDF Joomla! library at or

The package of mPDF library is about 45MB, if your server allows to upload more than 45MB you can install this package by using Joomla! extension installer just like installing any other Joomla! extensions. However if you can’t install by uploading the package in Upload Package File tab, you can use Install from Folder tab. The following instruction is for installing via Install from Tab tab.

You log into your hosting’s control panel, access file manager tool, go the tmp folder in your Joomla! root folder, the below screenshots are the file manager of CPanel which is popular and is used by many hosting providers.

You upload the mPDF package into this tmp folder. In the below screenshots, the package is named

You can use any ZIP extracting tool available in the file manager to extract the filer. In CPanel, you select the file and click Extract button on the toolbar. The result is mpdf folder.

In Joomla!‘s Extension Manager, you switch to Install from Folder tab and enter the path the mpdf folder. If your tmp folder is /home/username/tmp then the path to mpdf folder should be /home/username/tmp/mpdf.

Click Check and Install button the library will be installed, you will get the successful message in the next page.

Now mPDF library is installed, you can delete file and mpdf folder in your tmp folder.