CM Gift Card Documentation / Configuration / Physical Gift Card

Physical Gift Card

The following information are shown on the page where your customers choose between physical gift card and electronic gift card.

  • Title: Enter the title which is used for physical gift card.
  • Thumbnail: Select an image as a sample for physical gift card.
  • Description: Introduction about your gift card.
  • Button’s Label: The label of the button which customer clicks to select and by physical gift card.

The following information are used and shown on the next page after physical gift card is selected to purchase.

  • Amount: You can allow customer to enter a custom amount, or choose between a custom amount and your predefined amounts, or force customer to choose one of your predefined amounts.
  • Fixed Amounts: Enter your predefined amounts, they are separated by a semicolon, for example: 10;20;30;40.
  • Descriptions For Fixed Amounts (separated by ;): Amount’s description is shown next to the amount. If you want to show descriptions, you enter the descriptions for the amounts you set in Fixed Amounts field in the same order, speparated by semi-colon. If you have amounts: 25.00;50.00;100.0, you can set the descriptions like this: Description for 25.00;Description for 50.00;Description for 100.00.
  • Min Amount: The minimum amount which you allow to purchase.
  • Max Amount: The maximum amount which you allow to purchase.