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Buy Gift Card

After selecting gift card type on Default page, you are taken to the next page to select the design of gift card, enter amount and recipient’s info, this page’s menu item type is called Gift Card Form.

In Joomla!‘s back-end, you go the menu where you want to create the menu item for Gift Card Form menu item type, create a new menu item and select Gift Card Form in Menu Item Type option and select the gift card type of this menu item in Gift Card Type option.

If you sell both physical and electronic gift card, you need to create 2 menu items for this menu item type. If you only sell one type of gift card, you only need to create 1 menu item for the gift card type you sell. If you don’t want to show this menu item in your site’s menus, you can create it in a hidden menu (a menu which is not assigned to any Joomla! menu module).

In gift card form, you can select the gift card designs which you have created for the selected gift card type.

Depending on how you have configured the amounts, you can see the predefined amounts and/or custom amount field.

With Your Name field, you can choose a different name to show in your gift card instead of showing your real name.

If gift card is physical gift card, you are asked to provide recipient’s address. If the card is electronic, you need to enter recipient’s email address.

After providing the required information, you click Add To Shopping Cart to add the card to shopping cart. You need to create a menu item for Shopping Cart page, and a menu item for Checkout page which should be a hidden menu item.

In shopping cart, you can see the list of gift cards in the cart. You can edit or delete the cards.

To checkout, you need to provide billing information, select a payment method and agree with the site’s Terms of Service.

After clicking Checkout button, you are taken to the selected payment gateway’s website to complete your payment.